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Unplugged Japan is a travel-media company. Through articles, photography, editorial, and content creation services, our goal is to promote sustainable tourism by featuring aspects of country, culture, craft, and cuisine that we believe reveals the extraordinary depth and beauty of Japan.


From afar, Japan can appear to be a daunting and mysterious place. The norms and preferences of everyday people, the history of isolation, modernization, empire, and democratization, not to mention the culinary landscape, can overwhelm outsiders. Yet it remains one of the world's great destinations for travelers, if not, by our lights, the greatest. 

As travelers, shops, services, and guides of all kinds compete for our attention. And while many deserve it, they are often designed to cast the widest net possible, presenting a broadly palatable, "tourist-friendly" version of a country to foreigners. This travel model achieves a basic appreciation for some things worthwhile, though it rarely forges a personal connection or achieves a deeper, meaningful understanding. Mindful travel presents the challenge of going beyond surface appearances to find out why people, places, and things exist the way they do.


Unplugged Japan is a project dedicated to advocating Japan's distinguished craft industries, distinctive expressions of art and culture, and sustaining its precarious ecology while drawing connections between regional and global implications of local enterprises and activities. Through digital and upcoming print publications, our features hope to take you—reader and fellow traveler—further, cracking open the mystical shell as we discover a different side of Japan.


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